Parent power is the only way this issue can go now – politicians need to get the message from the voting majority, they patently do not listen to professional voices. A Chair of Governors, BANES

Calling all parents across Bath and North East Somerset!

Our schools are facing a funding crisis and it’s affecting our children now. To meet budgets, head teachers are being forced to make tough decisions.

On the 8th June over 1000 of us gathered to march in protest from Queen Square to the Royal Crescent in Bath.

On the 21st May 2019, 72 head teachers from across Bath and North East Somerset took the step of writing to parents and carers to call attention to the crisis and ask for support. The letter from our head teachers went to 25,000 homes. Click to read the letter from BANES heads and press release.

Over 3,000 people have signed our petition.

What’s next? We’ll keep you posted. Join our Facebook pages (Fair Funding for all Schools – BANES) or follow us on Twitter @FairBath.

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Listen to your Headteacher, they know what's happening to school budgets better than anyone. Let's show our support for them with our votes in Bath and North East Somerset #GeneralElection #GE19 #GE2019 #BathDeservesBetter #Bath #Somerset #valueeducation #Vote4Education
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Mr B 🙋‍♂️ @MrB_online
This is the #GE2019 impact on my two schools!

This is one of the most important issues for me.

I will use my vote to try and stop #schoolcuts & the huge impact it is having on the children in my school and schools around the country -they deserve better!


Headteachers in Bath and North East Somerset are comparing what the manifestos mean for their funding - check yours out, let us know & make sure you vote #FundSchoolsNow #FundOurFuture #NoMoreCuts #StopSchoolCuts #parentpower #schoolfundingcuts #GeneralElection #GE19 #GE2019
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George Samios @MrSamios
I'll see your three schools and lower to -£226 pp.

Calling all Headteachers in Bath and North East Somerset to take some time on this lazy Sunday afternoon to check what the manifestos mean for you Then shout about it to parents in anyway you can - they often just do not know #SchoolCuts #VoteEducation